Stop Theft By Tracking Your Motorcycle

Vehicle,motorcycle and bicycle tracking devices are in and they are certainly giving criminals a headache. Those days of using alarms to sound off and warn us of criminals getting close are gone. Before, criminals were able to disable the alarm system on a car in a few seconds without raising any suspicions. Today, we have to rely on something much more advanced, and criminals are certainly running scared when they are caught in the act. Tracking devices come with early detection which makes it easier for the owner of the motorcycle to get it back.

Real-time System

You must remember that many of the tracking devices out there are system that use real-time. This simply means that you have access to the location of your motorcycle anytime of the day and any day of the year. In order to do this you will either need to use your phone or simply log in to the website and find the location of your motorcycle. Using a tracking device you will be able to find your motorcycle in a matter of seconds.


Battery Detection

The one thing that you can be sure of when referring to the early detection system is that the device will detect if the battery cable has been cut if you have a car. The device comes with its own battery supply and it has enough power to alert you when this happens. This will also give you ample time to alert the police and the call center once your car is tracked and pinpointed.

Controlling The Ignition

When it comes to these tracking devices it depends on the package and the model you use. With some packages you will have remote access to the ignition. This means that when you receive a detection message, you will have the power to kill the engine by disabling the ignition. The culprits will not be able to start the engine and this gives you enough time to get the authorities involved.


Geo-fencing And Blocking

There is another way you could protect your vehicle, by using a perimeter block or geo-fencing. This means you calculate an area that you will only be using the motorcycle and it is not allowed out of this radius. You will be informed immediately should the motorcycle cross this line, exit your garage or leaves it’s secured bike storage rack and you have the choice of receiving this notification via text message, phone call or an email. This also gives you time to involve the authorities and pinpoint them exactly where they are.

In the end, there are no cars or motorcycles that are theft-proof. All vehicles have a weak spot, because criminals are learning as they go. If you do have an alarm on your vehicle, you should also install the tracking device. Maybe the alarm could be used as a decoy, and steer them away from what is actually installed in the vehicle or motorcycle.

Installing a tracking device will surely make it much harder for the criminal to get away with your vehicle, especially if they think that the alarm wire they cut was the vehicle’s only protection. As it is so easy to steal a motorcycle, these tracking devices can give you peace op mind and make your motorcycle much safer.