Why We Ride?

The need for speed caught us early. In fact it was the need to explore the world on wheels that caught us at an early age. We traveled all over the country to find some enriching experiences and some ravishing sights. The boys have become men and we have savored every single moment of our lives on the road.There is not a single regret we have and the sound of the engine rumbling is still the most beautiful sound we ever hear. An era of burning tires, finding new getaways to hidden patches and the kick of being on the road for hours has gone by and a new era is set to begin. At this point, people often ask us what is it that keeps us moving and just to address this question, we recommend you to read between the lines.

Abandoned Mine

  1. Detours: Adventure awaits you every single moment. You only need to make a different choice. The small little detours we took on our rides are still the most beautiful findings in the years we’ve spent on the road so far. Right from finding abandoned mines (Earthworks provide a large list of US abandoned mines) to stumbling upon a pristine lake, everything resides in those little detours.
  1. Music: Music in our ears, we rode on for a long while and never did we stop the music. Just the way music moves you when camping in the middle of night to share just the stars and sky with your beloved is a different experience altogether. Listening to Blues in a pub live in front of us and simply shutting up to the sounds of nature, we have learnt that music rejoices the soul and when you are on the road staring into the wonderful sights and views nature has to offer.
  1. People: You can never fully explore the many cultures that surround us. Meeting new people from various walks of life and getting to know their past has often left us in awe of humanity. We’ve heard stories of failure, love, achievements, tragedy and every other emotion that you would find in a dictionary. From encouraging kids to practice hard on their balance bikes (BabbleBikes.com offers a wide range of balance bike reviews) to become bikers later to asking old men for directions, people we met made us understand the world better.
  2. The rush: Eventually as every biker would agree – we do it all for the rush. The rush of riding into something unknown, the rush of finding new paths to newer places, the rush of feeling the droplets of the drizzle talk to you, the rush of the wind in your hair, the rush of warming up worn out muscles by a fire and the rush of exploring the world as we know it to find that we barely know anything.

A bikers life is sometimes about the journey and sometimes about the destination but it is the ride that makes for a lovely affair – an affair between you and the planet.