Motorcycle Loading Ramps Makes Things Easier

There’s a lot more to motorcycle loading ramps than one might think. The loading ramps of today are better than traditional ramps in that their newly innovative design means that ramps are now much easier to use. They are much lighter than in the past and safety has been improved. Although these ramps are quite standard, there are some things you might like to consider before purchasing one.

The Various Sizes

0907tr_04_z+lund_bi_fold_aluminum_loading_ramps+suzuki_gsx_r_750_motorcycleLoading ramps come in various sizes and are designed to last a lifetime. These motorcycle ramps are made from heavy duty, light weight, rust proof aluminum and range from 250lb to 1500 lb. Most come with rubber-tipped fingers to ensure a good grip and prevent scratching the tailgate. Three inch steel safety cables with S-hooks are a standard feature on these loading ramps, securing them in place while serrated crossbars provide excellent traction.

Easy Access

A good thirty eight inches wide, these ramps allow for putting your feet down when riding up and down the ramp; making it convenient and safe. Available in three separate folding parts, the ramps can virtually be folded in half to fit in the back of a cab or short bed truck for easy storage. With the middle section being fourteen inches wide with a 1500 pound capacity, and the 2 side sections each another twelve inches wide with a 600 pound capacity, the total capacity for these heavy duty, folding ramps is 2700 pounds. This provides plenty of room to load your motorcycle onto a truck.

Storing Of The Ramp

Once your bike has been loaded, the ramp can be folded in half or taken apart to store away. Of course, it isn’t a necessity to disassemble the ramp each time, and it does take some effort to put back together; but at least you know it can be safely stored in the bed or cab of the truck instead of having it remain against the tailgate. Remember that motorcycle table lifts are used for repairs and maintenance and that a ramp should be used for all your loading needs.

Safety Of These Ramps

Safety features in theseĀ loading ramps are just as important as their ease of use. Safety has been given primary importance in the development of newer loading ramps compared to old ones. One of these features is the safety straps; these can be used in two ways. Firstly to secure the ramp to the trucks’ tailgate so that it doesn’t move while loading or unloading the motorcycle. Secondly to secure the loading ramp while in transit. Another safety feature that is valuable to anyone who needs to load or unload their bike (unassisted) is the attached lip which ensures the ramp doesn’t move or slip while being used.

Using motorcycle ramps to load your motorcycle onto the back of your pickup is much easier than trying to use a 2 X 4 as a ramp. Aluminium folding ramps fold up easily for convenient storage and are a safe way to load and transport your motorcycle. If you need a heavy duty ramp that’s easy to handle; a light-weight aluminum loading ramp is best.