It’s Music to Your Ears

While there are few things I love hearing more than the sound of my hog in my ears, I do from time to time enjoy listening to some good music while riding. I find that, especially on long road trips that music helps make the ride interesting. I select playlist based on my mood, the type of riding I’ll be doing or the particular event that may have given rise to the actual trip. Whatever be the case, there are some amazing Bluetooth wireless helmets available on the market nowadays. Here are 3 models that I think is well worth looking into if you’re planning on buying a helmet with integrated speakers.

HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth-Ready Modular Helmet


This is an incredibly popular helmet designed for everyday use as well as those longer weekend or vacation trips. The HJC Bluetooth helmet sports a modern design with a single button flip-up system, one touch sun shield and integrated Bluetooth capability. The lightweight Polycarbonate Composite construction has an impact absorbing liner and an nice big screen for top-notch vision and peripheral views. it is wireless intercom compatible and you can basically pair it with any Bluetooth device. A favorite with many riders it retails somewhere around $200

O’Neal Racing Commander Bluetooth Helmet

Oneal Racing Commander

The O’Neal company needs no introduction when it comes to helmets and this is a great addition to their line. A helmet with solid features at an affordable price. The claim the Bluetooth capability of the helmet has a 100 foot rider to rider range and allows you 10 hours of talk time. The integrated GPS voice command system obviously makes thus helmet a favorite among tour-bike riders and commuters. The drop-down sun visor is built in and a solid chins-trap design hints at the years of helmet design experience that this company has. This helmet retails at around $300 in most shops.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet

Schuberth C3 Pro

The modular C3 Pro helmet is engineered to the extreme, it’s what Schuberth does, it’s in there genes. You only need to pick this helmet up, hold it in your hands and turn it over a couple of times to realize it scrams quality from every corner and event feature. It is simply one of the best touring and street riding helmets on the market. Fiberglass and Dyneema reinforced is sandwiched together for the perfect combination of rigidity, lightness and impact resistance. The integrated radio and Bluetooth antennas ensures you have a good wireless connection at a whopping 700-1000 meters. The screen educes wind noise to about 82 db when riding at 60mph making it extremely easy to clearly hear your music or intercom. As an be expected from a product of this quality you also pay more. These helmets retail at around $800 in most bike shops.

Bluetooth integrated helmets are certainly the way to go when planning to listed to music on the road. If you prefer to ride in silence or just enjoy the hum of your engine but would still like to enjoy some beats when you do a stop-over or park for a break the there is a huge amount of great wireless party speakers, like the Turtle Shell and Boombotix Rex that’s small enough to fit into your luggage or favorite motorcycle backpack without taking up much space. As always, when driving with music remember to be extra careful. Do not allow music, or an intercom for that matter, to distract you from focusing on the road and on getting safely to your destination.