Exploring the East on a Motorcycle: Fernweh!

Road trips make for an exhilarating experience and with visually stunning views coupled with varying cultures, there is nothing better than exploring terrains across Asia on a motorbike. Standing tall in Asia are the Himalayas, which offer bikers some of the most bizarre riding conditions in the world.


As you pass through rocky terrains, you come across some of the most beautiful tunnels on your way and biking through these tunnels is an experience second to none. Once you’ve packed your safety kit and little devices like torches and binoculars, you can simply set off to these amazing paradises on Earth. Here is a look at some of the most astounding tunnels to take your bike through, starting from the Himalayas –

Bring Alive the Rush of Adrenaline: Road Tunnels in Asia

Rohtang Tunnel: If you love the mountains, you wouldn’t find a better place to go biking than Himachal Pradesh in India. While there are plenty of small tunnels throughout the mountainous terrains of Himalayas, Rohtang Pass is by far the most sought after destination for bikers. Rohtang tunnel is not only the world’s highest tunnel but is also the second longest tunnel in India. Touching a length of almost 9 kilometers, the tunnel is situated under the Rohtang Pass of eastern Pir Panjal range. On your way to Leh from Manali, you would come across the Rohtang tunnel situated at a height of 3,987 meters above sea level. The Rohtang tunnel is a perfect treat for all your senses.


Rohtang Tunnel

Zhongnanshan Tunnel: If you’re in China looking for the best road tunnels, you wouldn’t miss the roads on the Qinling Mountains. Quinling, located in the Shaanxi province of China is the second largest road tunnel in the world spanning a length of 18.02 kilometers. Your ride would start from Baotou and end at Beihai in order for you to take the Zhongnanshan tunnel. The tunnel is embellished with pictures of plants and clouds on the roof of the tunnel making it one of the best destinations for bikers around the globe.


Zhongnanshan Tunnel

Hsuehshan Tunnel, Taiwan: Once you wrap your head around getting the pronunciation right, you’re experiencing through this 12.94 kilometer-long tunnel would be enhanced by the mere vastness of the tunnel and the natural beauty in the area. Connecting Taipei and Yilan, the tunnel was opened to traffic in 2006 and ever since it has been called one of the gems of modern engineering. You may call the Hsuehshan, a state-of-the-art tunnel simply because of the way traffic is managed in the tunnel – automated enforcement cameras to monitor speed and Moxa’s traffic control equipment are the key features of the tunnel.

Hsuehshan Tunnel

Hsuehshan Tunnel

Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, Japan: Famous among travelers, this tunnel is an example of fine Japanese engineering. The 6-mile long tunnel was opened to traffic in 1997 connecting Kawasaki city and Kisarazu city in Japan. The entrance of the tunnel marks the start of an artificial island called Umi-Hotaru and is puffed up with a number of eating joints that offer authentic Japanese cuisines. If you’re making a road trip to Japan, you wouldn’t want to miss this extremely fine piece of engineering.

While there are some of the most amazing tunnels located in other places in Asia, the best ones are perhaps situated in India and China. With mini-tunnels leading to mammoth tunnels, your journey to the East is incomplete without a road trip to the Himalayan tunnels. If you haven’t had a sense of wanderlust for a while now, it is time to renew your photocard driving license and soar into the brilliance of engineering coupled with nature’s raw beauty.

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The Right Sunglasses For Your Trip

If you are planning a long road trip with your motorcycle, one of the most important things you should have is Polarized sunglasses. These sunglasses are not just for skiing to protect your eyes from the glare of the snow, but are also made for protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun when you go the beach, drive around on your motorcycle, or basically doing anything outdoors. You will find that there are lots of different brands of sunglasses that have polarized options, but not all of them live up to expectations or offer the protection that you need. When you are looking at the manufacturers, Oakley and Ray Ban is a well known brand.

Buying A Pair Of Oakley’s

Oakley polarized sunglasses are found just about everywhere on the internet, and you can also find some second hand versions which might be more affordable. You must make sure that you get ones that are approved by the Cancer Association and that have a genuine polarization technique applied to the lenses.


Getting A Pair Of Ray Ban’s

Another great make of polarized sunglasses is the Ray Ban ones. You can also trust in this name brand to provide you with the best form of protection from the sun. It is very easy to forget about protecting your eyes when you are looking into sun protection. People generally use sunscreens and wear protective clothing that has been made from UV resistant fabric, but your eyes are sensitive and can actually be damaged through the thin skin of your eyelids. This is why it is so important to get the best polarized sunglasses no matter where you are or where you are going. Being outdoors during the daytime in direct sunlight can cause your eyes to burn from the glare or from having direct exposure to the sun’s rays.

Where To Buy These Sunglasses

As you look for the best available sunglasses, you might go through a few different websites. You can find some of the best deals and bargains on online shopping websites. You can also find plenty of stock in certain sports retailers as well, depending on where you are based. These stores might also stock the proper sunscreen clothing as well, so that you can go on your trips in comfort and style. There are lots of options to choose from of fashionable clothes that do not look like they are UV protection ones. You can also choose from a large variety of swimwear that offers the best sun protection.

When you want to get the best polarized sunglasses and other sun protective clothes and accessories, the best idea is to look online and find the one that you like with the best features. You can then go about calling retailers in your area to find the best price. If you cannot get what you are looking for, then you should find the biggest and most reliable online shopping website and purchase it from there. You can normally get it shipped to you on the same day, so you will have no delays in getting the best eye protection possible.

Lower Back Pain From Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is a style statement and also now a passion for many around the world. There are bike clubs where people come in to flaunt their new possession and as well organize and participate in long bike rides which can last for days or months or at times years. But all this at what cost?

Cost is our body, especially those have gotten a sore back from riding a motorcycle. We never think that the various types of bikes are introduced into the market as everyone has a different requirement in terms of physique and the bike thatsuits them. But the buyers ignore and go for bikes that make them look good.bad motorcycle posture

Riding your bike incorrectly for your body type leads to nothing but backaches and poor physique. One must be aware of the kind of bike that will suit his/her body type so that in long run, the body does not give up and you are able to ride your passion for a longer period of time.

To make sure that one doesn’t have a sore back from riding a motorcycle one needs to buy a bike that is suitable for one’s body type. But we need to be motivated and aware of all the precautions which somehow are vanishing in this fast paced life. We have already stated that exercise is a good for back relief and also, to strengthen the lower back.

  • Raising arms and legs one at a time at a slow pace helps strengthen the lower back muscles and is a good exercise for back relief.
  • Cat Position is also a good exercise. Get down with knees and hands on the floor and with breathing curl the back up and down.
  • Exercise your back with the help of a ball. Lay on your stomach and stretching the body out.
  • Knee rolls – lie on your back and roll your knee from left to right a couple of times.
  • Extend your back and neck towards the ceiling and stay in that position for some time.
  • Lay on your back with legs bent and then pull yourself up by lifting your back.
  • Movements like back bending and twisting also help in back relief.

To avoid a sore back from riding a motorcycle we need to make sure that back muscles are exercised to enjoy the ride and the scenery that comes along with it. Also, make sure that you ride safely and follow all the rules!

Road Trip: Planning a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle trips can be exciting; however, you need to ensure that you plan well, and research the route for your cross country motorcycle trip. Thousands of people pack their saddlebags and head off on their motorcycles every week, experiencing and exploring new places. Some travel hundreds of miles and others will journey thousands of miles, all in search of adventure and fun.cheapbiker

Before you set off there are several things that you can do, guaranteeing that your trip is a massive success. Planning may seem mundane; however, it can make a massive difference when you are on the road in an unknown area. If you have an enjoyable trip, you will want to do it again in the future, which is the goal.

The interstate is excellent when you want to get somewhere fast; however, when touring on the motorcycle, there are far better routes to choose. You want to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, and experience everything that the local people have to offer. Back roads ensure that you visit places you may never have known exist, and enjoy the local eateries and attractions.

Taking the time to plan and research before you leave home will guarantee that you do not miss any of the best attractions on offer. There is nothing worse than returning home, and discovering that you have missed somewhere excellent to stop and eat. Packing is something that you need to become an expert doing as there is little room on the motorcycle.

All you will need are the essential, and maybe some water and food for when you stop for breaks. Washing your clothes is not difficult as there are many laundry places around the country, and stopping at the occasional motel will provide shower facilities. You need to embrace the cross country motorcycle trip, and throw caution to the wind.

First aid kits and emergency supplies are essential, and there are items that you should never forget to pack. These include a flashlight, tire repair kit, tool kit, towel, and a spare cell phone battery. Although the trip should be about exploring new territories, and packing light, these items are considered vital. They can make a massive difference is something happens whilst on your trip.

Planning the trip does not mean that you need to remove the fun from the adventure and although you may have a schedule, it can be flexible. Start and end locations should be decided, but everything in-between can be a fun, casual route. There may be towns and attractions where you want to spend more time, and there is nothing stopping you enjoying these for longer.

There are no rules when it comes to planning your cross country motorcycle trip, and the key factor is to enjoy your time on the road. Whether you are riding alone, or have chosen to go with friends, there are plenty of routes to enjoy. You can make it a regular event, and ensure that you see more of the amazing country that you live within.