Stop Theft By Tracking Your Motorcycle

Vehicle,motorcycle and bicycle tracking devices are in and they are certainly giving criminals a headache. Those days of using alarms to sound off and warn us of criminals getting close are gone. Before, criminals were able to disable the alarm system on a car in a few seconds without raising any suspicions. Today, we have to rely on something much more advanced, and criminals are certainly running scared when they are caught in the act. Tracking devices come with early detection which makes it easier for the owner of the motorcycle to get it back.

Real-time System

You must remember that many of the tracking devices out there are system that use real-time. This simply means that you have access to the location of your motorcycle anytime of the day and any day of the year. In order to do this you will either need to use your phone or simply log in to the website and find the location of your motorcycle. Using a tracking device you will be able to find your motorcycle in a matter of seconds.


Battery Detection

The one thing that you can be sure of when referring to the early detection system is that the device will detect if the battery cable has been cut if you have a car. The device comes with its own battery supply and it has enough power to alert you when this happens. This will also give you ample time to alert the police and the call center once your car is tracked and pinpointed.

Controlling The Ignition

When it comes to these tracking devices it depends on the package and the model you use. With some packages you will have remote access to the ignition. This means that when you receive a detection message, you will have the power to kill the engine by disabling the ignition. The culprits will not be able to start the engine and this gives you enough time to get the authorities involved.


Geo-fencing And Blocking

There is another way you could protect your vehicle, by using a perimeter block or geo-fencing. This means you calculate an area that you will only be using the motorcycle and it is not allowed out of this radius. You will be informed immediately should the motorcycle cross this line, exit your garage or leaves it’s secured bike storage rack and you have the choice of receiving this notification via text message, phone call or an email. This also gives you time to involve the authorities and pinpoint them exactly where they are.

In the end, there are no cars or motorcycles that are theft-proof. All vehicles have a weak spot, because criminals are learning as they go. If you do have an alarm on your vehicle, you should also install the tracking device. Maybe the alarm could be used as a decoy, and steer them away from what is actually installed in the vehicle or motorcycle.

Installing a tracking device will surely make it much harder for the criminal to get away with your vehicle, especially if they think that the alarm wire they cut was the vehicle’s only protection. As it is so easy to steal a motorcycle, these tracking devices can give you peace op mind and make your motorcycle much safer.

It’s Music to Your Ears

While there are few things I love hearing more than the sound of my hog in my ears, I do from time to time enjoy listening to some good music while riding. I find that, especially on long road trips that music helps make the ride interesting. I select playlist based on my mood, the type of riding I’ll be doing or the particular event that may have given rise to the actual trip. Whatever be the case, there are some amazing Bluetooth wireless helmets available on the market nowadays. Here are 3 models that I think is well worth looking into if you’re planning on buying a helmet with integrated speakers.

HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth-Ready Modular Helmet


This is an incredibly popular helmet designed for everyday use as well as those longer weekend or vacation trips. The HJC Bluetooth helmet sports a modern design with a single button flip-up system, one touch sun shield and integrated Bluetooth capability. The lightweight Polycarbonate Composite construction has an impact absorbing liner and an nice big screen for top-notch vision and peripheral views. it is wireless intercom compatible and you can basically pair it with any Bluetooth device. A favorite with many riders it retails somewhere around $200

O’Neal Racing Commander Bluetooth Helmet

Oneal Racing Commander

The O’Neal company needs no introduction when it comes to helmets and this is a great addition to their line. A helmet with solid features at an affordable price. The claim the Bluetooth capability of the helmet has a 100 foot rider to rider range and allows you 10 hours of talk time. The integrated GPS voice command system obviously makes thus helmet a favorite among tour-bike riders and commuters. The drop-down sun visor is built in and a solid chins-trap design hints at the years of helmet design experience that this company has. This helmet retails at around $300 in most shops.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet

Schuberth C3 Pro

The modular C3 Pro helmet is engineered to the extreme, it’s what Schuberth does, it’s in there genes. You only need to pick this helmet up, hold it in your hands and turn it over a couple of times to realize it scrams quality from every corner and event feature. It is simply one of the best touring and street riding helmets on the market. Fiberglass and Dyneema reinforced is sandwiched together for the perfect combination of rigidity, lightness and impact resistance. The integrated radio and Bluetooth antennas ensures you have a good wireless connection at a whopping 700-1000 meters. The screen educes wind noise to about 82 db when riding at 60mph making it extremely easy to clearly hear your music or intercom. As an be expected from a product of this quality you also pay more. These helmets retail at around $800 in most bike shops.

Bluetooth integrated helmets are certainly the way to go when planning to listed to music on the road. If you prefer to ride in silence or just enjoy the hum of your engine but would still like to enjoy some beats when you do a stop-over or park for a break the there is a huge amount of great wireless party speakers, like the Turtle Shell and Boombotix Rex that’s small enough to fit into your luggage or favorite motorcycle backpack without taking up much space. As always, when driving with music remember to be extra careful. Do not allow music, or an intercom for that matter, to distract you from focusing on the road and on getting safely to your destination.

Why We Ride?

The need for speed caught us early. In fact it was the need to explore the world on wheels that caught us at an early age. We traveled all over the country to find some enriching experiences and some ravishing sights. The boys have become men and we have savored every single moment of our lives on the road.There is not a single regret we have and the sound of the engine rumbling is still the most beautiful sound we ever hear. An era of burning tires, finding new getaways to hidden patches and the kick of being on the road for hours has gone by and a new era is set to begin. At this point, people often ask us what is it that keeps us moving and just to address this question, we recommend you to read between the lines.

Abandoned Mine

  1. Detours: Adventure awaits you every single moment. You only need to make a different choice. The small little detours we took on our rides are still the most beautiful findings in the years we’ve spent on the road so far. Right from finding abandoned mines (Earthworks provide a large list of US abandoned mines) to stumbling upon a pristine lake, everything resides in those little detours.
  1. Music: Music in our ears, we rode on for a long while and never did we stop the music. Just the way music moves you when camping in the middle of night to share just the stars and sky with your beloved is a different experience altogether. Listening to Blues in a pub live in front of us and simply shutting up to the sounds of nature, we have learnt that music rejoices the soul and when you are on the road staring into the wonderful sights and views nature has to offer.
  1. People: You can never fully explore the many cultures that surround us. Meeting new people from various walks of life and getting to know their past has often left us in awe of humanity. We’ve heard stories of failure, love, achievements, tragedy and every other emotion that you would find in a dictionary. From encouraging kids to practice hard on their balance bikes ( offers a wide range of balance bike reviews) to become bikers later to asking old men for directions, people we met made us understand the world better.
  2. The rush: Eventually as every biker would agree – we do it all for the rush. The rush of riding into something unknown, the rush of finding new paths to newer places, the rush of feeling the droplets of the drizzle talk to you, the rush of the wind in your hair, the rush of warming up worn out muscles by a fire and the rush of exploring the world as we know it to find that we barely know anything.

A bikers life is sometimes about the journey and sometimes about the destination but it is the ride that makes for a lovely affair – an affair between you and the planet.

Maintaining And Cleaning Your Engine Parts

If only engines could stay clean and grease free but unfortunately they inevitably become dirty and soiled with grime and oil. Cleaning engine parts and everything that comes with it don’t need to be a back-breaker. With the right gear you’ll be cracking in no time and have all the whole engine and all its parts clean as a whistle. Engines have also become more sophisticated and manufacturers have advanced to building plenty of engine parts made with plastic, even if only to act as a protective smart looking cover. Luckily as time has moved on the methods and products used to clean grit and oil have improved and cleaning your engine parts has become easier.

The Cleaning Process

So how do we go about cleaning engine parts when they are mostly soiled with oil and grease? Due to oil and grease being petroleum based, the advised method on cleaning residue would be to buy or acquire petroleum based cleaning solvents or liquids at your local garage. The point here is to remove all and any plastic from the engine because the petroleum solvents are capable of melting or dissolving the plastic bits if they should come into contact with the toxic substance. Remember safety first so always protect your hands and face by using the appropriate protection when cleaning engine parts residue and all the other metal bits and aluminum too.


1. First things first, buy or acquire the petroleum based solvent, but remember to buy enough to fill a large container or pan. Alternatively you can get a solvent tank for this purpose. Also arm yourself with some wire brushes and plenty of cloths and rags.

2. Start dismantling the engine parts carefully and make sure to separate the plastic bits and place them in a designated container filled with some warm water and detergent. All the other parts that need cleaning should be placed in the container you’ve prepared with solvent.

3. Using the wire brush with your rubber gloves you can start brushing the parts that you have soaked in the petroleum solvent to get rid of stubborn dirt. If you’re using a solvent tank there will be a flip switch with a pump which when turned on will be able to run from the faucet in the container. Be sure to run the engine parts under the solvent while scrubbing to loosen up all the greasy bits. Dry these using the rags and cloths.

4. The plastic bits should be given the same amount of attention and brushed with scrubbing brushes not wire brushes and can be rinsed with warm water afterwards and can be dried using the cloths.

Many people and mechanics differ in opinions on how to clean engine parts but its fine, as long as the parts are cleaned using ethical methods we’re good to go. Cleaning parts don’t need to be a hassle, just remember they are slightly more fragile so clean carefully and a good bit of advice on how to clean engine parts is, work methodically and remember where you placed everything.


Top Ways of Rust Cleaning

Rust has a nasty habit of ruining all your precious metals objects especially items that are out doors like gates, screws, your expensive cars, motorcycles and patio furniture but cleaning rust off metal is also much easier now than it use to be years ago. The only downsides to rust cleaning would probably be the fact that most of the products out on the market contain extremely toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment if disposed of unethically. Cleaning rust off metal also revives the items condition thereby restoring its look and shine and ultimately its longevity.

How Rust Forms

So before we tackle rust what better way than to understand how it occurs in the first place. Simply put rust is the chemical process of metal being exposed to water and humid elements like rain etc… And the result is (iron oxide) rust as we know it today. This is worse for people that live in coastal cities because sea water and air is almost ten times more severe than normal water and causes rust to occur at much faster rates.

One thing to keep in mind when cleaning rust off metal is to always use a metal brush or wire wool (grade 4 and up) to scrub off the chunky rust bits before you proceed to apply any substances.


Cleaning Products To Use

  • Some of the most basic and accessible substances that can be used for this purpose would be coke, vinegar and baking soda. Coke has been proven to remove rust from almost any surface but mostly from nails, screw, nuts and other generally smaller items but make no mistake; coke will eat whatever you put in it clean, especially if you leave it to soak for a few hours.
  • Vinegar is quite common and does the job, granted you also leave the item soaked in it for a few hours. It’s recommended to use the vinegar undiluted and if the item that needs de-rusting won’t fit in a container of sorts then simply apply to the surfaces using a cloth.
  • Baking soda is another favorite and should also be applied liberally after being made into a paste. This method works great for indoor metals and works well to remove unwanted odors as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide Is Another Option

Apart from the above rust cleaning methods there are other more toxic products to use like Hydrogen peroxide which works very well but sometimes rust appears on paces where you don’t quite expect it like for example; on concrete floors. There are two items you can use here namely; “Concrete Rust Remover” or Rusterizer which is an organic type of remover.

Cleaning rust from sinks is common and can be done using either hydrogen peroxide or household items like vinegar. Always be gentle when cleaning rust from sinks as they can scratch easier. Tools like hammers or even meat grinders build up rust but you should be okay using only wire wool or a Dremel tool with a wire brush.

Always take caution when cleaning rust off metal and read the labels of any rust remover products you may buy.

Novelty Helmets Are More For Style Than Safety

Whether you’re riding a skateboard, a bicycle, skiing, or riding a motorbike you need protection on your head that not only keeps you safe but that fits comfortably and looks cool. Novelty helmets are the ideal accessory when you’re looking for more bling and cool graphics than safety. Although flashy designs on novelty helmets do look great you have to keep in mind that most of them are not D.O.T certified.

DOT Certified

All motorcycle helmets need to meet the standards set by the DOT (US Department of Transportation). Alternatively if you can’t find one certified by the DOT then your second best option is to look for helmets that have been certified by the Snell Foundation. Both these bodies of authority have performed independent testing on helmets that determine how much impact helmets can take and what the threshold would be for surviving an impact like an accident. Studies across the world have shown that individuals wearing DOT or Snell certified helmets are more likely to survive serious injuries than those that don’t.

Different Novelty Helmets

Now that we have that out of the way it’s important to point out that most Novelty Helmets are not certified by the DOT or the Snell Foundation and are therefore not recommended to be worn when on a motorbike at any given time. Users must be aware that they are using these helmets at their own risk when doing so. Check the fine print on any website or store selling these. Two other types of helmets that fall into this category are often called “Beanies” or “Brain Buckets” so take notes. Voss Novelty helmets specialize in a huge range of “Beanies” that are quite popular.

Novelty Helmet Features

A good feature about novelty helmets is that there are so many variations that are based on “Half Face” or “Skid Lid” helmets is that you get them in sizes to fit everyone. If you need a size in XXXL then you’re best off in selecting the Mongo style Novelty helmet. The first in the novelty design range were the Novelty Eagle helmets available with single straps which still remain to be the most popular.

Popular Designs

The Jockey or Polo designs came out soon after and remained popular until bikers craved for helmets that were more expressive with the use of spikes and horse tails etc… This soon gave birth to Helmets like the “Big German” and it sister the “Little German”; also available with single straps. Styles like the Mongo and Smokey are recommended for those folks needing something bigger for their heads, usually available up till XXXL for those really big heads.

Into spikes, then the Kaiser Novelty helmet is just for you. A design that went out of style was the “Duck Tail”, nice and light but not too safe. In the end if you’re a collector then you probably already have an EZ-Rider which suits people especially into Old school kind of designs. If you want value while saving money then consider looking into Voss novelty helmets as they specialize in chrome and painted finishes.

Leather Jackets For The Easy Rider

Men’s Leather Jackets

Men’s leather motorcycle jackets are the most important accessory right after motorcycle helmets. Whether you’ve got a scooter, a Harley Davidson or a superbike you need a cool and great looking leather jacket but it should also be designed to protect you when the time comes. Due to the huge demand in this highly competitive market there are dozens of different types of men’s leather jackets available that come in all sizes whether you’re tall, short, xl for those big built guy’s, skinny and not to forget the different types of designs and colours that are made for weather like rain or heat and performance like when you’re a dirt bike rider or speed racer.


At present there are basically two types of motorcycle leather jackets that dominate the market:

  • Loose fitting leather jackets and pants, which are mostly decorated with steel studs and sometimes tassels.
  • The very popular tight fitting and often times colorful 1 or 2 piece motorcycle suits, that are modeled from racing leathers.

The loose fitting motorcycle leathers have become so popular that in fact many people that don’t even own motorcycles wear them. It’s also because of this that the market has grown big enough to offer many different types of jackets for both men and woman. It’s very interesting to point out that leather jackets were made popular in the movies by actors like Marlon Brando that greatly popularized the Perfecto motorcycle jacket which is a great favourite amongst bikers and lovers of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and don’t forget the Goths.

Looking At The Quality Of The Jacket

So whether you’re tall, short skinny or XL or simply looking for cheap leather jackets it’s important to keep in mind that you get different types of hides for leather jackets to be made from. This is important because it has an effect on price. The world hide market is somewhat standard but it also means many woman’s and men’s motorcycle jackets tend to be imported from foreign countries like China or India and many times the leather quality from Chinese manufacturers aren’t good and durable, hence why they’re mostly cheap. Some important questions to ask yourself are:

  • What kind of leather hide is it? Cow hide or something else.
  • What type is it for example; is it top grain, full grain naked or split hide?
  • Watch out for naked goat or pig leather as this doesn’t offer the same level of durability or protection as naked cowhide.

Keep in mind that men’s leather motorcycle jackets must also offer a great deal of protection. Look out for jackets designed with hardened patches on the elbows and back. You’ll find that companies like Dianese that manufacture leather jackets for Yamaha design their jackets to look stylish while offering maximum protection at the same time. Some of these aren’t always cheap but its great quality and are made for people of all sizes short, tall, thin and XL people so be sure to buy yours with attention to detail.

Ladies Leather Jackets

Ladies leather jackets are the ideal must have accessory in your closet or wardrobe. If you’re into fashion and style then chances are you probably already own one. Made famous by movies and movie actors in the 50’s these popular clothing accessories are world class and can be seen being worn by millions of people every day. Availability isn’t a problem either, simply go to your local mall or wholesaler or do a simple search online. Your search online will reveal an abundance of Ladies leather jackets to choose from.

Finding The Right Jacket

img-thingWhether you’re a woman motorcyclist or just a plain dame looking for an extra accessory to sweeten your wardrobe, there are many different types, colours and designs to choose from. If you’re concerned about your weight there are even leather jackets available in plus sizes all the way to small. This industry has seen major shifts and advances in the style and design of smart and elegant ladies leather jackets to suit all tastes.

Due to the flexibility in styles ladies leather jackets are available for the following occasions and surroundings:

  • Classy evening wear
  • Ladies leather motorcycle jackets
  • Extreme cold weather jackets for snow
  • Rain proof jackets with hoods to give you that extra protection
  • Hot weather jackets – to look smart without feeling the heat
  • Short sleeve jackets
  • Long sleeve jackets
  • Trench coat style jackets
  • Safari style jackets – for outdoor lovers
  • All your round plain but smart jackets
  • Hard rock styles for the rocker in you

Apart from the above listed jackets there are most probably jackets made for other occasions not mentioned here. If you’re living in cold and wet cities like New York and London you have probably already invested in leather jackets with hoods as these are extremely popular and have proved to be very versatile and range in price and style to suit everyone’s budget. Many outlets all over the world sell these jackets wholesale to make it easier for the consumer to gain access to purchasing ladies leather jackets.

That Extra Warmth

Most leather jackets with hoods either have a sheepskin collar or a fake fur to give you that warmth when it really gets cold and wet outdoors. These types of ladies jackets have been made popular on runways all over the world so a focus on tasteful design is key whether you need a slim or plus size.

The Trench Coat

Another type of Ladies leather that have really become popular, are the trench coat style jackets made famous by movies like “The Matrix” and will suit your wardrobe collection well. These are also available in many different styles and textures to suit your lifestyle whether you’re a rocker or a corporate business woman.

Also keep in mind that when you’re out shopping for that killer ladies leather jacket, that there are designs out there available in literally almost any colour so make your choice carefully and buy quality as this will last a lifetime if you take special care of it and protect you on your motorcycle journey.