About Us

The Rideout-Club, Explained…

In simple terms, the Rideout-Club has been designed to help riders find other like-minded riders that’re interested in rideouts and any other type of bike-related events. It’s currently configured for riders in the UK, USA, NZ, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Canada and Australia, but it’s also intended to cover Germany very soon indeed.

 When Did It Start?

Since the initial release in June 2001 for UK members, we’ve revamped the site to include many more features proving that, with your support, we’ll be around for quite some time.

 How Many Members Are There?

At this very moment, there are 3514 members. Our member summary will show you where they are and what they’re interested in. As for the number of events we’ve dealt with, that’s up to 420 already, and you’ll be able to register your own events just as soon as you’re a member.

 What Happens When I Register?

During the registration process you’ll be asked some questions which let us know a bit about you and what you’re looking for. For example, which town you live in and what kind of bike you ride (ie. sports, custom, tourer, etc).

 Will It Work For Me?

Yes, because you’ll also tell us which areas you’re interested in. So if you live in Avon, you might want to be kept informed about events in Avon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire as there’s no point you being informed about events in Aberdeen!

 How Do I Join?

You can register by using the relevant options in the Members area. There’s no trick questions, no price to pay and your membership is activated immediately.