Lower Back Pain From Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is a style statement and also now a passion for many around the world. There are bike clubs where people come in to flaunt their new possession and as well organize and participate in long bike rides which can last for days or months or at times years. But all this at what cost?

Cost is our body, especially those have gotten a sore back from riding a motorcycle. We never think that the various types of bikes are introduced into the market as everyone has a different requirement in terms of physique and the bike thatsuits them. But the buyers ignore and go for bikes that make them look good.bad motorcycle posture

Riding your bike incorrectly for your body type leads to nothing but backaches and poor physique. One must be aware of the kind of bike that will suit his/her body type so that in long run, the body does not give up and you are able to ride your passion for a longer period of time.

To make sure that one doesn’t have a sore back from riding a motorcycle one needs to buy a bike that is suitable for one’s body type. But we need to be motivated and aware of all the precautions which somehow are vanishing in this fast paced life. We have already stated that exercise is a good for back relief and also, to strengthen the lower back.

  • Raising arms and legs one at a time at a slow pace helps strengthen the lower back muscles and is a good exercise for back relief.
  • Cat Position is also a good exercise. Get down with knees and hands on the floor and with breathing curl the back up and down.
  • Exercise your back with the help of a ball. Lay on your stomach and stretching the body out.
  • Knee rolls – lie on your back and roll your knee from left to right a couple of times.
  • Extend your back and neck towards the ceiling and stay in that position for some time.
  • Lay on your back with legs bent and then pull yourself up by lifting your back.
  • Movements like back bending and twisting also help in back relief.

To avoid a sore back from riding a motorcycle we need to make sure that back muscles are exercised to enjoy the ride and the scenery that comes along with it. Also, make sure that you ride safely and follow all the rules!